Y.E.S.(Young Educated Speakers) is a youth-guided group that focuses on ensuring youth (teens and young adults) are able to express their own opinions and ideas in decision-making. To accomplish youth voice, Y.E.S. offers:

  • Leadership training.

  • Workshops to help build life skills.

  • Outreach and education to other young people.

  • Peer support.

  • Character coaches.

  • Community service opportunities.

  • Field trips.

Y.E.S. supports:

  • Youth 12-years-old and younger, served by Wraparound Orange.

  • Teens and young adults ages 13-24 with real-life experiences in mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice and alternative education.

  • Families, providers and other supportive community members.

If you are interested in getting involved with Y.E.S., email info@wraparoundorange.net or call (407) 836-6564.