Wraparound Orange empowers families (parents, children, teens and young adults) to set their own goals and choose the services they need, creating one Family Team. This team provides support that honors and builds on the family’s unique strengths all in service of accomplishing their goals.

We do this by:

  • Keeping children at home and in school, and equipping them to enjoy healthy and productive lives

  • Alleviating strain on families by helping caregivers maintain steady employment

  • Facilitating access to services that fit the family’s individual needs

  • Bringing support agencies directly to them

  • Training families to be the leaders and decision-makers for their own care

  • Designing treatment options in line with the family’s long-term care plans

Federation of Families of Central Florida

Through our partnership with the Federation of Families of Central Florida, we train families to become partners in their own child’s care, advocates for other families, and active voices in educating the community about mental health. There are many opportunities to get assistance and to help the community better serve children and families. More information on how to get involved can be found at: http://www.ffcflinc.org/